This is why you find your stuff missing from your suitcase

After watching the video above I'm sure 99.99% won't feel secure about having a suitcase with zip on. That's because you can very easily open almost any zip with just a ball point pen. You just need to push the pen in between the teeth and it will open up very easily. Many people think about the lock but in reality the most weak point is the zip itself.

So if anyone want's to steal something they can just drag the zip with the lock to one side and then open it with the pen and the close it with zip again. After that you might get happy by looking at lock but you never know that your valuable stuffs has gone. :(

Top comments:
  1. That pisses me off, no wonder why my hand grenades always went missing when i got home. Now i know why!
  2. When I went to Africa they stole my anti tank mines. Bastards.
  3. They will now steal your entire suit case lol.
  4. Well, now the starving Africans COULDN'T have eaten that hand grenade.
  5.  If they see a case like that with locks like that...they will definitely just take the whole case. [Maybe talking about the last one.]
  6. Its a good thing that you shared this video so that every fucking scum bag can be educated on how to properly brake in YOUR SHIT!
Please don't take all the comments seriously, if you are regular visitor then you probably already know I try collect some funny or informative comments so that you can have some  fun or take some lessons from them.

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