How to use Camtasia Studio 9 for free

You probably have seen many people using this software and got interested to use it, right? Well, I was like you too. When I saw many people using this software I got interested in it too, particularly for the screen recorder. Because those people who make video tutorials, they need screen recorder to record how to do stuffs.

So first I though let me just buy it, but when I saw the price I thought forget it it's not in my  capability to buy this. Then I thought how come many normal people in poor countries using this software? After doing some research I found out that they are using this completely free. As you can see in the video above, he even shows the process how exactly you can do it your own. Not only him, you'll find many more videos like this.

Some people might think oh the company is losing money. Well, you probably one of the fools that think company like this put their hard work to make this software so they should of course put the price up like £100 or £200+. First of all making software like this is no big deal nowadays, plus if someone makes a software it very easy to make similar software next time. They just make normal people to think oh it's too hard to make software so you fools keep paying them high prices.

As I said it before, I was at first thinking of buying it, but because of skyrocketing price I couldn't buy it. And at the same time I saw people kicked their ar*s and using it for free. So who is losing here? Is it better to sell few copies for high price or sell lot of copies for low price? It's probably because of these kind of mental and greedy people hackers will always stay and help the normal people. Thanks to hackers, they are not always bad. Some times you need them to bring the big people down on their keens. Otherwise normal people won't have a life, they will just lose a lot of money and waste their life for those greedy piece of sh**ts.

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