This proves that how greedy people are

This guy is well-known and popular on YouTube with 1millon+ subscribers, yet when ever he feels like he wants to get more and more views he comes up with this kind of videos. Complaining about how these fake videos getting millions of views and his whole channel views is not even no way near to that and sh*t.

He kept saying people make these kind of fake videos because of YouTube's juicy ad money. Do you know who is more greedy than them? Yes, he himself. He had 3 things to give away (although those things he got it for free) and he gives just one of them to 1 of his YouTube fans. And kept 2 for his patreons.

Do you know what patreon is? Well, those are the special kind of stupid brain washed human robots who pay monthly fees to see some of his videos on

So let me break it down so that you can understand a bit better.

This guy thinks people make fake videos for YouTube's juicy money, and yet what ever he does even worst than that.

* He's getting the juicy money by complaining about other people.

* He gives stuffs (which he gets it for free) to lure more subscribers to get more views so that he can have more YouTube's juicy money.

* He gives 1 to his YouTube fans, imagine getting one thing you have to compete with millions. That means your chance to get the thing is 1 millionths.

Still you will see many brain washed robot asking for it.

* He allocates 2 of the three for his patreon (remember those are his special kind of brainwashed idiots robots) so that people go and be his patreons and get it. and he can have the juicy patreon money as well.

If you ask me about this guy then I would say he is special kind of greedy scumbag. And who ever listen to him and fall into the trap is even worst brainless morons.

I'm not saying what ever he does in his videos are all fake and stuff. He could be right in his experiments which I won't bother talking about but I'm just wanted to say that it doesn't matter how big and famous someone becomes, the greed will stay with him unless he is really a good guy.

This is the same guy who sold a hot glue tree for more than $1,000.00 to one of his special kind of moron fan.

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