Man frees a fox cub from a tin can and the cub doesn't want go away from him

What a moment to see when a man frees a small fox cub who's got stuck in a tin can and it seems like he was so grateful that he doesn't want leave the man who save him. That's call act of kindness, even the animal appreciate it!

Top comments:
1. Such a pitiful little sound!!! Thank goodness he did the decent, loving thing. I only wish all people were as kind as this.

2.  People really should crush the cans before disposing of them. Takes 2 seconds. [ Yes, if the person who threw the tin can did that, then this wouldn't have happened.]

3. Cool stuff. Usually they run like hell, once freed. This one found a new best friend.

4. He was born again, and started looking for his mother... and found a foot, and a nice touch.

5. Sadly these beautiful creatures are classed as vermin in Australia and are caught and killed , it breaks my heart. [Actually it depends on the situation I think. Sometimes some animal are rare is some place and abundance in other place. So if something becomes too much then that might cause problems and because of that people will try to get rid of the, just like pests.]


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