Why you should avoid targeting UK visitors

This post is specially dedicated to those content creators who create their contents for specific people of specific country, so that they can earn the highest amount of money from their ads. It might be not good to show what I earned from this site from 01st January 2017 till 17 August 2017. But because I saw a YouTuber was showing his earning of one month from YouTube was more than $500 so I thought let me just share mine as well so that people might get some benefit from it plus my earnings is way less than his any way.

Although we can't scrap an entire country based on one or two factors, because there are so many things we need to consider before we can say that this country is not worth to target. I agree that this is a very small and only the cheap ad network will target it, but after seeing the results of 7 and half months (which is quite long time) you should at least get some ideas of which country you need to focus on and which one to avoid.

Let's break it down now to make understand a bit better.

I'd like to put the United Kingdom first because this country got highest impressions and clicks although earning is very very low compare to other countries. OK, forget about the impressions and let's concentrate on clicks and earnings.

United Kingdom: Earnings $13.97 and 65 clicks. If you divide $13.97 by 65 = 0.21492307692 that means each click worth 0.21492307692

What if Spain had the same amount of clicks. $1.77 x 65 (That amount of clicks UK got) = $115.05
Israel: $0.91 x 65 = $59.15
United States  $16.29 ÷ 30 = 0.543 x 65 = $35.295
Netherlands: $1.57 ÷ 3 = 0.52333333333 x 65 = $34.0166666667
Canada: $1.40 ÷ 3 = 0.46666666666 x 65 = $30.3333333333
Germany: $0.68 ÷ 2 = 0.34 x 65 = $22.1
Hong Kong: $0.68 ÷ 3 = 0.22666666666 x 65 = $14.7333333333

Even Hong Kong is much better than UK FFS! I Think India and many other countries (Which people look down on) will soon worth more than poor UK. I won't compare UK with other European countries (specially those are next to UK) because it's already proven that they worth way more in ad revenue than UK.

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