People really after money

After watching the video you will find out that Pewdiepie (if don't know him then you must be living under the rock) said "nigger" during a video stream and the world is going crazy as if the end of the world already have started. I don't really get it, although he said he didn't mean it in a bad way but people are still going crazy.

You will find many people say many things and the just say it and don't mean it. Yes he is the number one on YouTube, so what he is a human being too. He swears so much in his videos. Swearing became so normal for many YouTubers that it became like slogan to some people and they don't literally mean it. As you can hear the guy in the video. He starts with swearing every video of his. So do you thing that he means what he says literally? Simple solution to these things is that don't watch his video if you are too sensitive.

Well,  the main point I actually tried to point out that the video game maker of the video he plays might try to take legal action. Because he is making lot of money playing the games which they made. I think these game makers are really greedy scum bags. They will beg people to play their games for free, if people don't give a shit about their games. But when they see someone is very popular they want to go after him so that they can get some extra juicy money for free.

The best example of greediness is TheFineBros. They tried to go after every single video on the YouTube who made react videos. But when people got fed up of his greediness and gang-up against them. They started loosing lot of subs and eventually they apologized and now they made almost all off their videos "CC" which means "Those videos are  accessible to YouTube users for use, even commercially, in their own videos via the YouTube Video Editor.". So from going after every YouTubers who makes react video and striking them for copyright infringement now saying come on take our videos and put it in your videos.

That kind of big change only possible when small individual come together. Otherwise these greedy scums at the top will always drag us down and they will become fat ass rich from someone else's hard earning money.


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