This shows how rubbish is YouTubes copyright system

I wouldn't post this but to prove a point I had to. The video above has been uploaded on a channel called BellyStuffing24 but the video claimed to be someone else's, a channel called Alice Dowell. As Alice Dowell says "It really doesn't set a good example when you upload videos of somebody else, this is my video, now you can take it down please". She kindly asked the uploader to delete it but the channel owner didn't.

Alice Dowell also says "I reported it, but nothing happened". and she says again "I have but since it's no longer on my account they didn't do anything."

That means YouTube really doesn't care about small creators. But if you are a YouTuber one thing you might know that YouTube never deletes any video ID. When you go to your life time views you see many views from unidentified videos. That means the views were generated from a video which you have been deleted. So it seems like they do keep the ID safe plus video might be saved in their privet network somewhere, but they didn't give a sh*t to this case because she is not well known or someone that can go after them.

That kind of shows that all these copyright things is for people who are at the top. And the ordinary people can keep dreaming about their rights. By the way she (Alice Dowell) was so humble that she asked the uploader "Then please say in the description or in the title that it's my video", but the uploader turned out another scum bag. After stealing the full video (doing nothing, no editing) and getting the ad money (if it's been monitized) still can't give a simple credit.

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