Will Robots Take Our Jobs?

Summery of the video is that he thinks if robots take most of the jobs from human then that's not a bad thing, in fact it's good thing because then human can work on things that robots are not good at.

Well, that logic I don't think is good enough. Most of people are not creative, so if lot of people go out of jobs then how they will pay for the hings. For example if most of the restaurants becomes automatic and people become poor. Who will buy the food then? Only few people who have the money, right? He thinks he's got YouTube channel/s and gets money from YouTube ads plus sponsors and that's what made him think that everyone can make money like him.

Well, earning money from YouTube or website ads is not that easy. I've been doing YouTube and shit for long time still I can get enough money (not even £1 a day f* ridiculous) to leave my real work. Only people make money on YouTube and website who is extremely lucky. Even himself earn so much money from YouTube still comes up with bullshit sponsor ads in his videos.


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