How to track someone like police

Did you know that you can track anyone very easily without them knowing that you've tracked them? Well, in this post I will tell you how easily you can do that. In this way the person you want to track will see the thing you want him to see, but he won't know that you are making him fall into the trap.

1. Go to the link (could be any image or website link or any funny YouTube or Facebook video link) that you want the other person to see and copy the URL (the link you find in the address bar).

2. After coping the URL go to the site called and paste the link in the box and get the shorten URL that has been newly generated for you. Copy that shortened URL and send it to the person you want to track.

Ok, it's done now but remember not to close the iplogger page where you got the shortened url from,because that page you will see the tracking info by clicking on blue icon on the left.

If you want to see more detail about the person you tracking then copy the ip address of that person (which you got it from iplogger after him clicking on the link) and go to the site called and paste it in the box. Now you will see even more details about that person.

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