Some great Google tricks you should know!

These are few useful Google search tips and tricks that you should be using. Many of these cool Google search tips will help you to get better search results and be more efficient. When searching the internet, you must try some of these Google search tips. You might be surprised that some of these cool Google search tricks are so useful.

 1. Related search results: To find out similar website you type related: then what ever site you want. For example related: if you search that you will find Bing, yahoo, and so on.

2. File Type:  If you are looking for specific file then in the search bar type your search query then type filetype:pdf for example mac os viruses filetype:doc and you can find the results in other formats too.

3. Search Operators (+ or - sign): So for example if you search you will find all kind of results but when you search +rohingya now you will see only the articles that bbc uk has written about Rohingya. And if you replace the plus with minus (-) you will see all the other articles beside Rohingya.

4. Using * (Asterisk) to get variation of different results: For example if you type "whatever goes up must come down" you will only results like the phrase in quotes. But if you if replace the word must with * you will see.  "whatever goes up will come down", "Whatever goes up will always come back down", "whatever goes up does not necessarily come down" and more.

5. Nearby: To find some thing near you, you just type nearby after whatever you are looking for. For example if you are looking for coffee shop. Just type coffee nearby, but for this one you have have your location set properly otherwise google wont now where you are so it might suggest you to wrong place.

6. Viewing cached sites: If you ever see a site is down and can't view it. Go to Google and click the down arrow and the end of that site's url and click cached that will show you a snap shot of that site which Google has taken some times ago. Remember you might not find the snap shot up to date.

7. Finding different sizes of same image/picture: If you are using Google chrome > right click on the image > Select Search Google for image > select All sizes.

8. Finding out specific word or phrase on a specific site: For example you want know about arduino post on a site called so you type arduino and hit enter. Now you will see results of all the Arduino posts on that site.

9. Find the results only from educational site: It's exactly the same as number 8 but instead of typing the site name you put arduino that's all.

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