This is how you can save yourself from scammers in China

The person in the video lived (still living) in China for long time and he has seen scammers and he made this video so that other people don't get scammed.

1. Black taxi scammers: 0:45
You will find them outside  airports and near the border crossings. According to him they are completely rip off and will charge you a lot of money.

2. Bargaining: 1:13
When you go to China you might think everything is cheap, because you probably used to of buying cheap stuffs from China online. But once you go there it's necessary to bargain with them otherwise you might end up buying cheapest priced stuff in high price.

One cool tip. If you want the best deal then go early, because if you are a first customer then they might make it even cheaper and that's because they don't want to turn away their first customer.

3. Stay away from fake monks:  3:57
Don't take anything from them. You might think they are giving for free but they will follow you until you give some money to them.

4. Bait and Switch: 6:18
If someone comes to you and say "I'm from (...) and I've lost everything and I only got this phone or what ever, if you buy this then with that money I will be able to go home." that's actually way of scamming.  

5. Dating scam: 9:13
Never go to a coffee shop or bar which your dating partner chooses. She/he might take you to place where they can take massive amount money from you for just few drinks.

6. Tea house scam: 12:37
This is similar to the scam number 5. Never go to a tea house or somewhere which you don't know with unknown person, otherwise most likely they will rip you off.

7. Jade or Pearl Buying: 15:55
8. Teamwork Theft: 17:31
9. Copyright Theft: 24:26
For the last one, if someone asks you for a picture or you give a job interview, your picture might end up on billboards and people might do business your videos and you can't do anything about it.

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