What's wrong with advertisers

Really I try my best to stay positive, but when you see most of the things happening to you are negatives then I don't think anyone still can show positivity and carry on with life. As you can see in the picture, YouTube demonetize the video because they thought it's not advertiser friendly. Really? It was just a tutorial how to download Facebook videos. It didn't have anything sexually suggestive, bad language, or anything like that. I've seen many people swearing in the video yet their videos are full of ads.

And when I requested to review it manually, they said the video needs to get 1000 views in last 7 days. In another way of saying f..k off with your video, that s..t is useless. I'm writing this as record, if my site ever get popular then I can show them the struggles I've going through. I know people don't give a s..t to unpopular people and they can suck ..... of people who becomes star over night.
Since then I've unlisted the video and possibly delete it, because what's the point of trying to help if you can't get anything in return. You probably thinking "oh you are a selfish" you know what. No one does anything for free, just think deeply and you will find out. You might find out yourself a selfish too.

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