Saturday, 6 October 2018

How to delete your imo account Permanently

If you are looking for how to delete your imo account then you already know what imo is and you probably don't like it because of something.  For those people who don't know about imo, it's a messaging app. You can send texts, picture, audio call (on data) and video call as well.

Here is the step by step guide to delete your account permanently.

1. Open the App.

2. Tap on the menu (3 lines at the bottom left-hand corner).

3. Tap on your profile picture and then scroll down.

4. Tap on the imoaccount settings.

5. Tap on Delete your imo account.

6. Enter your imo phone number (which you've used).

7. Tap on Delete (which will be clickable after entering the number).

8. Tap Yes.

That's all, your imo account will be deleted.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Dog-Drawn Carriage

Have you ever seen a dog pulling a carriage? Well, if you research a bit then you'll find out that many people have tried this long time ago. But this man probably doesn't know that, yet he came out with this idea and it seems like the dog is quite capable of pulling him and the stuffs he buys from the market.

He looks after the dog quite well, and I thing he knows how much weight the dog can pull, yet many people in the comments section swearing at him.