4 Reasons which can cause your YouTube channel to get terminated

In this post I will tell the most 4 reasons which may cause your YouTube channel to get terminated. By avoiding those you can save you channel and earn you living.

1. Never make a video about downloading YouTube videos with other apps.
That's because YouTube earns money from showing ads in the video. And if you try to tell people that they can use certain app to download YouTube videos and watch it afterwards, then in that way YouTube looses money. And when YouTube loose money do you think they going to keep you on their platform?

2. Never send traffic to other website.
YouTube loves people to come to YouTube and not going away from it. As you might already found out by yourself that, if people leave YouTube then YouTube will loose money because they won't be able to show ads to them. When they loos money then do you think they'll happy?

3. Never copy thumbnail or title of other people.
This happens when you see a viral video and you try to copy the thumbnail and title to get popular. Sometime your video might get viral but it's most likely you'll get a copyright strike from the original thumbnail creator.

4. Never make a sponsor video which goes against the guild-line of YouTube.
When you get quite popular you start getting sponsors to make videos for the. Although that might be a way to get extra earnings but you shouldn't make any videos which can be against the guild-line. For example: Promoting an app which downloads YouTube videos.

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