Article 13 can make your life hell

 What is Article 13?
"Article 13 is part of European copyright legislation created with the intent to better protect creativity and find effective ways for copyright holders to protect their content online.

We support the goals of Article 13, but the version written by the European Parliament could have large unintended consequences that would change the web as we know it."


Well, of course anyone can have his/her opinion about anything, and I think this (Article 13) is a pretty bad idea. And I'm going to explain why. As he says in the video "It threatens hundreds of thousands of creators, artists, and others employed in the creative economy." and that's 1000% true.

Making hard for creators:
So they trying to save the artists and creators by making their life harder for them to be creative in the first place. Imagine you want to write a research article. So you add links of those websites you got the information from, but you can't do that without paying money to those website owners. What kind of rubbish idea is this!

Once upon a time people would love to get links back to their websites, and now they want money for linking back their website. I think those big media companies are so greedy that they will die to get a single penny where ever they can get from. Can you tell me all those Got (Uk got talent, Germany got talent....) talent shows don't use a single piece of  copyrighted materials? If this (article 13) becomes a law then shows like them will stop first.

I know original content creator should get the money of their work, but for how long? And what about taking a little bit of that content to proof something, criticize or make a new content with it. If that's not allowed then you can't even report some thing, because anyone can some how claim the copyright for that content and you won't be able to publish it.

Blocking EU from publishing or browsing copyrighted contents:
This is the best option I think for all those greedy people. Because if you don't like to share your contents with others then keep it to yourself and if other people (outside the EU) don't mind sharing, they can enjoy browsing what ever they want.

Why people keep a dedicated share button?
My question is, if I can't take something from a website for making a new content or something then why I see a big dedicated share button on every website I go? Why don't they pay me money when i share their link?  Some might say, oh you've enjoyed their content.

well, they made money because of me by showing ads to me. So they are having money in return, that's the main reason why they make contents. If people didn't brows their contents, they wouldn't be able to make money and therefor they would've stopped producing contents long time ago.

So they using us normal people to make money for them plus making us to share their links for free, so that they can make more money when other people come to their sites. But if a new content creator wants to take some of their content (which is a form of sharing) suddenly they want extra money for that too? Really? What kind of world are we living in!

People are abusing the copyright law:
As you might have watched in the PewDiePie's that the copyright holder claimed revenue of the full video just because of 20 seconds of their content. Now you tell me what kind of justice is that? That guy must have spent so much time into making that video but because of a small amount, he lost all the revenue from that video.

And what right it gives to that greedy copyright claimer to claim all the revenue because of the small amount of their work? What about the other parts of the video?

So their should be a system which can protect new creator without fearing of loosing money of their hard work. So copyright is good but it should have its limits otherwise we will not see new creative content creators in the future. 

Unfortunately we will be keep seeing this sh*t (like below picture) all over the web.

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