What will happen to the cashless society in the future?

I feel bad for those brainless sheep who think cashless is the better way. Let's read some comments after watching the video, it might open your eyes.
  • When cash is gone...Every purchase you make can be counted against you, The Elite will keep absolute track of you, and determine what you should and shouldn't eat!! Tyranny is not far behind, like in One World Government!!!! They will soon know more about you than you do!!!

  • The invention of the electric kettle didn't get rid of the gas kettle. Choice is freedom, freedom is what they want to remove, control is what they are after.

  •  Leading the sheep to slaughter and they smile all the way to the slaughter house. The biggest criminals are the banks, 2nd is the government and the both hate competition. People do not know the difference between cash and money, they had been dumbed down to the lowest denominator.

  • "Give a man a gun and he can rob a Bank. Give a man a Bank and he can rob the world." Tyrell Wellick

  •  The biggest criminals are the banksters they want to get rid of cash so they can use the delete button and an imaginary monetary system.

  •  When they take away the cash - it's the end of us and the little freedom we have left!!! Don't let them!!!

  •  So sad! I trust cash more than the banks and the corrupted Govt.

  • Lets boycott New World Order companies like Amazon Google Facebook Microsoft Apple, refuse cashless systems !!

  • What will these people do when the power grid goes down they won't even know how to build a campfire

  • People have no clue...when cash is gone, so is your control...your privacy...complete one world order! you are bagged... 

  • Say hello to negative interests and not being able to take your money from the bank, it's amazing how stupid and naive people are to the powers of governments wanting to increase taxes and control your spending by using negative interests to force you to spend your money.

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