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Monday, 2 September 2019

List of spammers ids which you should blacklist

Well, after trying to requesting them with kind words not to spam and then tried to stop them by swearing at them yet these shameless people never stopped so I had to block all the comments (good or bad) appearing on the page straight away after posting them.

Finally I've found a solution for these scumbags shameless piece of shits. I thought why not make a blacklist of who ever leave a spam comment so that if anyone search with their name or blog id, they will know these people are spammers and need to avoid them. So from now on who ever leaves a spam comment his/her name/id will be be listed below.

If the id from then you can click it and see the spammer's full list of spamming site they've created. I DO NOT RECOMMEND you to click any of the spammers website links, because those kind of website install virus on your pc/laptop or phone.

  1. ajay 05072035305650675716 (
  2. srihariparu 00259391538448484778 (
  3. SkOffical 11967236366538526605 (
  4. saad 01268916220539938415 ( 
  5. Faiza Jee  00020979319705793429 (
  6. William Wyatt 02141797228369062385 (
  7. Joseph Johnson 09001152979693960229 (
  8. Philip T. Greene 18348364715847649899 (
  9. Naila Khan 03124760792793528898 (
  10. Mueeid 00330200807627303599 ( 
  11. John Williams 07832850486011817276 ( 
  12. Andrea R. Williams 09864983798346684705 (
  13. naveed1111 18179392319777575797
  14. Oliver Mir  13425514835591431089
  15. Sofiya 15691826887195305269 (
  16.  Zack Smith 09867569449246114187 (
  17. januma 04479173833101117569 (
  18. Manju 10980843967186362362 ( Shameless spammer.  
  19. harry 13793143298324276374  (
  20. Top SEO Agency Singapore 00917361512147491054 (
  21. deepti 10939466377416401620 ( Shameless spammer.
  22. pushpender singh 09829404078687576284 (
  23. josphene 06136380173422519251 (
  24. Emma Stone 16895869834470947167 (
  25. Sharon Stone 06030189084347647504 (
  26. More will be added...
Had enough of your (spammers) bull sh*ts, now let the Google do it's job. I'm sure Google will drag this page up in the search rank (and it already did, to find out just google any id from the list and see for yourself) like my other page and exposed you shameless scumbags.

People who repeatedly keep commenting even after listing their names and ids on this page I call them shameless spammers. You should specially stay away from those d**k heads because those are brainless and senseless too. They keep coming back even though they know I've blocked their comments and don't approve them.

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