Youtube introduces (COPPA) and people are not happy about it

If you are a YouTube content creator then this might effect you heavily as well. You might think that if you set your channel or video as Kid friendly then you will get more ad revenue. Well forget dreaming about that, here are the things you will miss out if you set your channel or video as "Made for Kids".

1. Comments will not be available.
2. Videos will not show personalized ads.
3. Info card, end screen won't be available as well.
4. Your channel won't have Stories, Community tab, Notification bell and your viewers won't be able to "Save to watch later" or Save to Playlist.

YouTube says "these restrictions are required to follow the law". My question is what are the parents doing? Why are content creators should be responsible for what someone else's kids do?  By the way kids' ages are different in different countries. So how do you define who is kids and how you should deal with them? YouTube trying force their own rules to whole world. What ever rules they make everyone need to comply otherwise you will have consequences. That means freedom is going away.

Let's read some commets:

1. I’m glad that everyone here can agree that this is idiotic.

2. I don’t make my content specifically for kids or adults, I make it for everyone to enjoy. So what am I supposed to do YouTube!? There needs to be a third option!

3. The most important suggestion missing on this video: LET THE PARENTS DO THEIR JOB! 😟 R.I.P. my Animation channel... and many others creators that I like.

4. so basically, it’s the creator’s fault for having children watching their content instead of the parents who should be monitoring their children or not even letting them on the site at all.

5. I didn't know I had to be someone's parents at the age of 15.

6. Why do we need all of this if it has a app that it’s called “Youtube Kids”??

7. I am baffled and amazed every time I see just how incompetent every single government entity or corporation really is. AND the fact that they manage to outdo themselves each year.

8. We have a small channel for kids, and this is just devastating... we have never infringed any terms of use, and now we are being punished for no reason. How can we keep uploading videos as we’ve been doing, knowing that there’s no point? 😔 We won’t be able to grow without playlists, interaction with our audience, end screen... and if we grew, we would make 60%-90% less than before... how is that fair for the creators that keep this platform alive?

9. YouTube is becoming more irrelevant every day.

10. I dont know a kid who has a YouTube channel that actually puts in their real age. When I was under 18 I lied about my age on a different account so I could watch fighting videos on here lol.

11. I don’t even make content and I’m pissed.

It seems like government is after money. $42,530 for a video? Are they dumb or something? Why don't they just fine the parents instead? Why can't they tell parents that don't let your kids watch any others contents than kids, and if they fail to supervise their kids they will be fined $42,530. Really it seems like these commissionaire are bunch of uneducated people who don't know what to do. Finally one more question. Imagine they sue a content creator $42,530 for one video (which is ridiculous) where will that money go? Will it help the effected kids or will it go in those commissionaires pockets? Most probably it will go to those commissionaires' pockets, so I don't call it helping kids I call it helping themselves and making new ways to grab peoples' money for no reason.

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