How to Close Freelancer Account Permanently 2020

Are you a new freelancer and frustrated of trying everything yet didn't have any luck of getting any project, and then finally took the decision to close your account. Well you are not alone then. I've also tried it and failed to get any project although I've got quite good knowledge and skills in many things. For example if you find this on Google's first page (well it did come on Google's first page in 2 days if you search yhis keyword how to close freelancer account 2020) then that means I'm capable of doing some good SEO.

This is just an example, otherwise many of my posts already on Google's first link forget about ranking up in the first page. Still many people might have thought I'm a beginner so I'm probably don't know anything about the SEO so they didn't give me any job. Anyway if you think became useless for beginners and you want to close your account then this is how you permanently close it.

1. Log in to your Freelancer account

2. Click on the down arrow next to your profile picture thumbnail (top right hand corner), and then click User Settings.

3. Click Account under the Trust & Verification link.

4. Scroll down and click Close My Account.

After clicking on Close My Account, your account will be deleted for ever. Now if you revisit your profile you will see your account has been closed.

Really it was frustrating for me, I tried so hard yet it seemed like very hard to grab attentions of people. Those people are giving jobs looking for experts and verified people.

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Update: Sorry the gone wildly mad and you are not going to be able to to delete your account until you complete your profile info 100% in this way this shitty website made people to stay on they their website. In my opinion it's a most bulsh*t tactic ever! So I simply do not recommend anyone to open an account on that website.

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  1. Lol, your info is gone. Now they will do what ever they want. If they want they will keep otherwise they will delete it after maybe few years.


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