Too cute. This baby elephant is trying to cross the stream

You will enjoy the comments more than the video.

1. Are you kidding me? Great video. Especially the part where you DON'T see the baby crossing.

2. 🤦🏽‍♀️watched the whole video only to miss the main event lol.

3. You should have titled this video, THE GREAT MISS.

4. He said I’m not crossing while you’re recording me.

5. Damn you camera lady I need answers now You wasn't even driving😩 Stay with the action man I invested 7 min Only to miss how the baby finally got across Thanks camera lady😔.

6. "Mom, I'm not crossing until that camera stops recording me".

7. OMG... You missed the BEST part!!! Lady, you were Sooooo annoying!!!

8. Instead of backing up the fookin cars to let them room to go around this tiny stream .. noooo just freakin stay there and put them under stress All this just to miss the moment this baby crosses the stream... Humans 🤦‍♂️.

9. 7 minutes recording then missed the crossing 🤦🏻‍♀️ DRAMA.

10. Almost 8 minutes video and couldn't capture the most crucial 30 seconds😞.

11. Almost 8 min of video and she totally missed the moment of finally crossing!!

12. Why did you miss the crossing? That's 8 mins of my life I won't get back !

13. It looks like the older siblings trying to tell the little one that " look see, my trunk can reach the bottom. It's safe to step in!" So sweet ☺️❤️

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