Dog Condo Real or Fake

Have you ever tried this game?

Well, don't fall for the number of downloads (1million+ Downloads) and 4.5 stars ratings. Just read some of highly rated comments and you will find out by yourself.

At first I thought this game was fun. However, after I got $ 40 it began to appear that this game was a lie. Initially it is very easy to get Points, after that it is very difficult. Do not install this application! You will surely be disappointed! It is enough for me and those who have installed this application to be victims. I was very disappointed to see hundreds of advertisements & did not get anything. (1923 votes)

THIS GAME IS A FRAUD!!! When you start playing the rewards come easily but there are certain traps to ensure you never get to $50. The goal of the game a to ensure you make money for the owners from watching their ads and wear you out in the process so it is virtually impossible for you to meet the minimum target. First the rewards come easy. Then you realize that the rewards suddenly reduce as you get higher. The game is capped at level 30 specifically for that purpose. (1274 votes)

The game goes to level 30 and then it won't let me go to the next level . When you are close to your target then the game gives you very minimal points or cash. Don't fall for this game. You will never get the cash back. Many weeks now and still no response from developer. I do see response from them but only to those who are frustrated about not reaching the $50 mark bit no response for those complaining about being stuck at level 30. Hahaha what a scammer. People uninstall this app. (316 votes)

Hey Dog Condo Developer, What is this app intended for? Playing the game or for watching your sponsor ads? Every now and then as i upgrade, every 3 seconds or even if i click continue the ad still play. Like in every points i collect they need to play an ads and i have no choice but to watch it and to be able to continue playing the game. DON'T YOU REALIZE IF YOU MAKE YOUR APP THE BEST the MORE PEOPLE WILL DOWNLOAD IT and RATE YOU GOOD but DON'T WASTE PEOPLE TIME . KEEP IT FAIR! (83 votes)

You will NEVER get to $50 because they used limit as time(t) tends to infinity is equal to 50. Of course you will get old and beyond before you get to an infinite time (no one will), where the formula in question is an exponential one. It starts big but will never get to its target. And they are making a hell of money from you as you watch their ads. So by the time you quit they have made enough from you. And they prefer you quit to justify their SCAM. Unfortunately, I am quitting after $37. (72 votes)

After reading many reviews it seems like the game is 100% fake. You can play for your entertainment, but do not wish to earn money with it.

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  1. This game is so fake, the developer is a fraud master using this game to get richer from the players. You won't reach the target of $50. It become slower when you're close to the target and you even get stuck and can't merge the immortal dog (i.e dog30). This is a huge fraud

    1. Thanks for your comment. Hopefully people will understand that and stop wasting their time.

  2. I got to 50$ and I have made my withdrawal and till date it's been 4 days now though they said 5 working days and nothing yet let me still watch it closely if anything comes up I will share if I don't receive it on or b4 10 working days then I will return to tell you it's a big time scam

  3. It is a scam. I have made withdrawal for 7 working days now. Am yet to be paid

  4. Can You Tell Me Any Game Through Which I Earn Money?


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