REBO Smart Bottle [what people think about it]

After watching the video I thought I must share this here. I've found this ad hilarious and funny plus it's very very expensive and useless bottle. They claim that every time you drink from it they will pic up a plastic bottle from the beach. By saying that they wanted to grab attention of people like us who care about the planet and don't try to pollute it. At the same time they try to get data from millions of people. 

Here are some comments, I think you will like them.

1. For people who are too lazy to actually think about and do something for the environment, but want the feeling of entitlement anyway. "look at me, I'm drinking water from this bottle AND saving the planet at the same time. that means I am a GREAT human being! Are you? I guess you aren't, I don't see YOUR smart bottle, you polluter!" XD

2. Now google will know how and when we drink water too! We will get ads from water companies XD

3. And what about the "environmental costs" to adding a sensor and a transmitter to each water bottle? Something smells funny about this commercial

4. lol what a scam. also i already get exposed to too much radiation, i don't need more radiation from my water bottle

5. even water is becoming digital old people in future will dont know how to drink water

6. "Every time you drink from REBO we will collect one plastic bottle polluting our environment" What is this hostage situation! What if I don't drink from REBO will you do the opposite!? Why can't you pick up a bottle without me forcing water down my throat!

7. Everytime we drink someone will collect 1 bottle ? What if we just loop fill the bottle with tap water and empty it again? This ad makes no sense

8. Why don't you just keep cleanng and we just keep buying :))

Exactly! The 8th comment makes more sense. Why don't they just collect the bottles and recycle them and we will buy them again. Problem solved.  

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