Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Why you should ignore hits from Samara, Russia

If you are website owner or a blogger, soon or later you might see many hits from Samara (The capital of spammers and mentally ill people).

In one month I saw more than 1000 hits from Russia and most of the hits were from Smara. I got quite happy to see those hits but when I opened my AdSense to check how much I got from them, I didn't even find a single penny. Then I did a small research and found out that these are all useless hits from spam robots and not from actual human.

What to do?
If you want you can block the domains where the hits coming from, but I think it will be useless because these mentally ill people will come with other ideas to spam your site.

Never visit their sites if you do first search on Google and see what people have said about it.

Are they getting any benefits for doing this?
Well, if they are doing this for political gain then they might have taken some money or something to spam your site. If they have already taken the money then that's their profit so it does matter what yoy say and how you feel.

These scumbags might come up with other names as referral like listed below, never fall into there trap.
And more.....

If they are thinking that by spamming they can bring their website on top of Google page rankings, then they clearly didn't understand how Google SEO works and this way they will never ever come close to Google's first page forget about first link.

And one more thing, by spamming they are defaming their country and city . Who ever came across this problem will never ever see Russia same way again as he used to see it before. And when ever he will hear about Russia will think, Oh no that bulshit country full of spammers (mentally unstable).

My question:
What did I do to you? If I didn't harm you in any way then why you harming me by spamming my site?
Let me tell you what harm they did to me. After lot of spam hits Google delayed indexing my new posts to Google and therefore I'm losing more real hits from human. And because of that I'm losing money what ever small amount I was getting. :(

What I wish:
Before I go to bed every day, I wish please no hits from Russia! No, not even a single hit from those scum bags. Please! Please! Please!

Do you judge people by money?
You might think that because I didn't get any money from Russian people that's why I'm upset. Well, actually That's not the case completely. I do need money specially if you think about the amount of time I spend behind this website to make it more helpful day by day so that people can get help from, and in return I should have at least some rights to expect for some money don't you think so. I'm sure if you were in my place you would have expected even more than  what I do.

I'm a poor guy who hopes that one day he will leave his day job and live on the earnings of this website. This is the only my hope for money and getting reach. I hope one day I can travel around the world with this money but that (hope) will go in vain if spammers keep coming here.

So F off you Russian scum bags pigs. You will never ever get a single visit from me, you can do what ever shit you want.
Shame on you! Can't even efford to get a decent browser and come here to spam and say you dominate the internet and Google with your bulshit. Really they are high even in their dreams!!!


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