Google rankings after buying domain name from NameCheap

Are you having problems with Google ranking for your blog posts in blogger?

Well, that's the exact same problem I was dealing with. I had a site in blogger which was quite popular. When ever I used to post something, Google used to index it almost instantly or within few hours. But when I bought a domain name from NameCheap and connected to my blogger. Then Google  started ignoring my posts, it was taking too long to index one and sometimes was taking a week or more.

So I started to use different tactics. One of them was to bring original link and post it to social media site like Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

For example:
NameCheap link is

Original link is

So delete www. and add .blogspot after your actual blog name (in my case amazingtip247). Remember to check your link before posting on social media sites.That's it, now I hope Google will index your posts faster then before.

What's the benefit of posting original link rather then NameCheap link?
Well, if Google indexes your original links it's always better because if you don't renew your domain name on NameCheap you will still have the links indexed in Google. So you won't have to worry about Google rankings afterwards.

On the other hand if you share your NameCheap links (which hides .blogspot) Google will ignore the original link and most probably wont index it. So when your domain name expires and you don't renew it then what will happen is that who ever will try to go through the NameCheap links it (NC) will block from going through it. So when Google crawler will try to go through that link it (NC) will prevent it to go through it as well. And when Google crawler sees this problem it will throw away your links.

Share your original link until Google indexes your link then you can share normally (without the blogspot bit). By the way nothing to worry about this at all, because once Google starts indexing your new links it will see your blog activity, if you post too often then it (Google) will index it quickly otherwise it will delay.

I hope this helps you.Thanks

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