What's so good about Bloopish search engine


Bloopish is a very good search engine, for  both webmasters and normal content searchers.

Benefit for the normal people: 
a) It is very good because it doesn't track your search so it won't show you personalised results.
b) It gives you live search results. That means you can get results which have been created (the contents) within few months, few days, few hours, or even in few minutes. So you can get fresh contents.
c) It is safe for kids, it doesn't show adults contents as they claim.
d) It is free, no ads, no sponsored links, no spam, no virus.

Benefit for the webmasters: 
If you have a blog or website and you want to get picked up by search engines then bloopish can make your dream come true.

a) First add your link to bloopish, and that's very easy. Go to bloopish.com and click on the "add url" on the left hand side then put your link in the box and then hit the "Add >>" button.

Your link will be in the search results within seconds. Once you are in their list, you wont have to worry about listing your new post again. They will do that for you automatically. You can just relax now and enjoy the visits from bloopish.

b) Another good thing about bloopish is that when someone searches something it adds the searched word to "Search topics" which you can see on your left hand side. The good thing about this is that as many times the word will be searched, it will go up.

So let's say you have a post which related to "CEO" and when someone searches "ceo 247" and your post appears in the search results. So if people keep searching the word "ceo 247" then this word will go up and up, and when it goes up most likely people will click on it and when they click on it, they will see your post and like this you will get even more visitors.

c) Once you got listed in bloopish and started getting lot of visitors then other search engines will follow. For example DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and many more.

That's all I can say about bloopish, I really like this search engine and I think you will like it too. :)

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  1. Except that it censors some blogs by not returning them in searches. Or it did. It seems to have been shut down now.


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