Is trafficmsoon scam?

Well, don't get fooled by their adverts "Turn Your $10.00 Into $18.00 Every Hour" which is attention grabber and makes you fall into their trap, like I did. But luckily I didn't invest much in this seemingly scam site.

Let's see some evidence:
As you can see, I bought few adpacks here, two medium adpacks and one VIP Adpack on 2015-11-15, and even though they are different but growing up at the same rate, infact the top medium adpack is growing faster then VIP Adpack. Why is that? I thought you get more when your adpack amount is big, but over here something strange happening. I don't really know why.

Any way coming to the next question. They say "Turn Your $10.00 Into $18.00 Every Hour" but I've bought these adpacks on 15th November 2015 and today is 20th November 2015 and my $10.00 grew up to $0.13. wow, what a profit!!! I think their one hour must be our months or maybe years long.

It took 5 day to get $0.13 back then think about it, if it continues like this how long will it take to reach $18.00? well, if you divide 0.13 in 5 = 0.026 x 692= 17.992 It will take 692 days to reach $17.99 so do you call that one hour? When a company lies to its customers then that company is no longer trustworthy and reliable. Simple as that.

Before I was thinking 90% of this page (trafficmsoon) being scam, but now I'm 100% sure that this is a scam site. Let me give you another evidence. I posted this post link on the Facebook page of trafficmsoon and I told the admin not to delete the link (so that people know that trafficmsoon is not reliable) I even said to admin that if you delete this link that means you are really scammer, but he deleted the link and blocked me from commenting on that page.

If you have been fooled like me on any site like this, then please let know in comment below and help other people not to fall in any kind of trap like this. Thanks

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