How to get football notifications without an app

If you are a football lover then you probably want to know what's going on on the football pitch all the time, but unfortunately if you are busy you might miss those special moments. Not any more missing out from now on, because now I will show you a site where you can see live commentary and set the notifications as you wish without any apps.

You probably say what's wrong with app? Just download from app store and install it.
Well, I know it's easy to do that but how many apps would you like to download? If you download apps for everything then your mobile will be full of apps and it will be hard to navigate through the other apps.

Any way coming to the point and the site is called bet365. You might be thinking that it's a betting site. Yes it is a betting site, but I'm not telling you to go and bet. I'm saying that it has some good features that you can use without even betting.

Hopefully you will enjoy the tip!

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