28 years age gap!


I used to think that if a guy is 5-7 years older than his partner then people might look at him differently, but some people are sharing their amazing stories on this thread and I couldn't believe it.

Let's read some of those comments...

1.  "Pshhh. I knew a guy that was 23 and his girlfriend was 49. She pulled a mom move one day at his house when I said the fuck word and she told me to stop saying it because it loses value if you say it so much. She also cooked for us and gave us life advice.... Just like a mom would do." well, that's 26 years age gap.

2.  "I'm almost 21 and partner is 45, wouldn't think there was more than 10 years between us in looks mind !. Age really is just a number, older men/women are usually more mature, don't play games, and are usually more honest as they have learnt from past experience (obviously this isn't always the case, and you can get younger people like this too) but hey i just prefer my men older grin emoticon i couldn't be more happy" well, in this one can clearly see some noticeable points aswel.

 3.  "I'm 41 and my boyfriend is 21. Other than the age difference, we have a relationship like most other happy couples. Life's too short to limit yourself." Well, this one seems opposite but most important thing is they are happy.

4.  "I'm 25 and my boyfriend has just turned 53. It works. We get on and just have fun" wow it's mind boggling! That's 28 years age gap.

When someone asked her if he could date a 25 years women when he will be 53 years old. She replied by saying "Thanks, :) the key thing is humour and a good chemistry. We'd known each other for a few years before we got together and got on really well. I considered him by best friend (still do) and it moved on from there".

Holy sh**! I'm confused now.

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