How to see a Google+ post without login to your account?

You might be thinking that what's so hard about seeing a post without logging in to your account?

Well, if you use an android device then you usually/always logged in to that device, so that you can use Google play and other stuffs. But if someone removes (for some reason) his account, then he can't access to those things. So if you try to click on a Google+ link then (after removing the account) it tries to look for your account first and if it doesn't find it, it says login to your account.

Option 1, step1:
To avoid that hassle what you need to do is that, click on the link and hold it for a second or so. Then you will see an option like the picture at the top.

Option1 step2:
Copy the link address and paste into your addressbar then click Go. If this doesn't work then try the next option below.

Option2, step1:
In this option you just need edit the url a bit from the end. In the example above (what you can see in the picture), delete what ever you find after the question mark and including the question mark. So you will be left with URL like this.

Option2, step2:
After making sure that you have not deleted a single character before the question mark (?),  click Go. And I'm sure you won't have a problem after this.

If you are curious about knowing what was in the picture at the top, then let me tell you. It is about a child who's got lost. And there was a his picture of him, address and phone number on it. Obviously you might not understand it, because it's in Bangla and it happened in Bangladesh.We hope that he is probably safe by now and with his parents.
The was a picture here which might have been deleted.


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