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Thursday, 2 June 2016

How to see your FB messages on mobile without using the messenger

Well, recently I've noticed that each time I try to see my FB messages on mobile it takes me to Google play and tells me to install the app and doesn't let me see my messages.

So I tried to see the feedback of the app first before I install it, and by the way I don't like to install too many apps on my phone any way. Specially those apps which take all the permission from you and take the control of your phone.

OK before I tell you how you can see your messages without using the messenger let's read some feedbacks.

1: WHY?!
I don't understand why we have to download multiple apps just to message people. I mean, WTF?! Why can't we just message people from the FB app, instead of downloading extra crap that we don't need. Sort your company out FB!

2: What is the point? 
I used to be able to view messages through the Facebook app but now I'm forced to install this crap which basically required access to everything on my phone. It's also opening but always "Waiting to connect..." even when I'm fully connected to the Internet. I hold great respect for Mark Zuckerberg but this is ridiculous. Also... please help save the lemurs!

3: Ridiculous!!
Basically, they are forcing us to install this app!! Enjoy social media, but give us the right to bombard your life. I can't even check my messages on the Web browser without the app, like really?? The app us most annoying because it wants to be in control of ALL of your messaging - NOT JUST FB! BEWARE!

4: Unnecessary!
Unnecessary and adds another layer of garbage to sort through. The mobile site is fine, and should gave been maintained for people who don't want to deal with numerous apps.

5: Stupid!
Stupid I hate the fact that I can no longer view my messages and go back to scrolling through Facebook without having to exit out of one app to go to another or go to Internet explorer. It was much better and easier when it was all on one thing. Stupid that I also had to download the app so I wouldn't be harassed by my play store opening every time I tried to open messages. The features are nice it's just an inconvenience on my own phone.

How can you see your messages then?
Well, it's simple just set your browser to Desktop version problem solved. If you don't know how to do that then click here to see my other post which explains in details. If you use UC Browser then please click here. I hope this post will help you, and if it does then please feel free to share with your friends. Thanks :)

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  1. That’s really great that I can view my Facebook messages on my phone without installing the Messenger app. So it can help me not to lose my privacy confidently.


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