Sunday, 31 July 2016

How to setup mobile internet of Grameenphone for Android

If you have come here to set up your internet connection for your Android mobile then you probably already know what Grameenphone is so I'm going to start with the setting straightaway.

After registering your sim put it into your mobile then you will get a message like the picture below "CP message".
Click on Install.

Go to Google or Facebook just to check your internet has already started or not. If you see that your internet still not working then do the big settings as explained below.

In case if you don't see the screenshots.

Not set
Not set
Not set
Not set
Not set
Not set
MMS proxy
Not set
MMS port
Not set
Authentication type
Not set
APN type
Not set
APN protocol
Enable/disable APN
APN enabled.
Mobile virtual network ope..
Mobile virtual network ope..
Not set

To edit the Access Point Names go to settings then More networks then Mobile networks then Access Point Names.

I hope this helps you, it certainly helped me. :)

Friday, 15 July 2016

Best comments ever about ending the world

After hearing the rumours that "The world is going to end soon" I've collected some pretty funny comments that I liked, I think you will love them too.

1. Well f**k me silly and call me Sally. Better start collecting bottlecaps.
2. Still waiting for the one in 2012. 
3. You can't just say that the world is going to end EVERY F**KING YEAR untill mabey 1 year it does and you'll be saying "told you so" lol
4. F**k then how am i supposed to Catch Them All?

5. How many apocalypses we have already survived? 5-6? Lost in counting ;/ At least I ll have something to tell my kids.

6.  I believe it. I finally got a girlfriend, so it must be true.
7. Can't happen. The last season of game of thrones hasn't aired yet.

8. Any chance you end of the world types could all transfer your funds, properties and assets to me? Seeing as world is going to end you won't mind right? Give me a call or fb messenger. Thanks.

9. I can't wait to tell my grandkids how many times I've survived the end of the world 😂 can someone tell me when global warming is gonna show its sexy wee head the rain and cold in Belfast is doing my head in.   

10. Still waiting for the 2000 one to hit! When are these natural disasters going to stop procrastinating already and do there job! They're kind of like when I was a kid my parents told me to clean my room I said yeah I'll get to it in the year 2035 maybe! Lol

I think number 4 and 6 are the best ones. lol

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Most hated feature in iPhone

Well, recently I read in an article where it says that Apple is scrapping its most hated feature which is 16GB internal memory because nowadays 16GB is too less.
Lol, it took them long time to think about that. As you know apps are getting bigger and bigger and people (usually iSheeps) can't stay without apps plus when you take videos they take lot of space too, even images are taking far more space then before so it's common sense to scrap this shitty future perhaps they should have done this long time ago.

Till now you probably thinking about 16GB to be the most hated feature but people have other things in mind too. Let's see some of them.

*I thought the most hated feature was no way to use an sd card?

*The most hated feature is its tiny battery.

*No, the most annoying feature is the volume icon that pops up and takes over half your screen whilst trying to watch a video 😑 seriously the whole world doesn't need to see what level of volume I'm watching a video on!!!!!

* So, instead of adding SD card support, they scrap the cheapest iPhone, so people will pay more? Seems legit

*Cant you just put a larger SD card in....?? Oh no you cant because its an Apple, I was thinking Android there . I've got 128GB. Silly me

Lol, the last one was the best!

Come on guys stop showing off and just go for the one gives you more benefits.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Youtube video uploading problem in Firefox

Recently I was having problem with uploading video on Youtube. When I tried to upload a video it didn't upload instead it says “An error has occurred while sending data over the network” so I click on "check your network connection" after checking my connection (which was totally fine). And that took me to a site where it tried to help me out, but that didn't work for me.

First it said if you have a Firefox then update it to Firefox 4 or higher, but mine was already up to date.
Then it said use "Firefox Private Browse" to upload the video, I did that but that didn't work aswel.
Then said "Temporarily disable anti-spyware, anti-virus, or similar software" I thought forget it and let me try with Google Chrome. So I downloaded  Google Chrome and installed it, then tried to upload and it worked.

* If you using Firefox then download Google Chrome and try with it, it worked for me.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

How to handle too many dislikes on your youtube video

If you have a video on youtube and you get too many dislikes you know how it feels and affects you and maybe your channel aswel, and your subscribers might start unsubscribing you too.

Well, don't worry we've got the idea to fix that. This is exactly what happened to this guy called Joey Salads. He made video which got too many dislikes. Maybe because one of the big youtuber didn't like that video and ranted about it in his video and his robots I mean subscribers came to Salads's video just to dislike it, and maybe that's how his video got too many dislikes.

When he saw this he disabled the rating and after that he saw the difference. Maybe when he disabled the rating, those robots couldn't see how many people disliked it so they didn't dislike aswel and some even undisliked too.

Tip: Disabled the rating.

 * One thing I don't quite get it that why the subscribers of big youtubers behave like programmed robots and their master use them how ever they feel like. Come on people use your brain and don't be like slaves.

From 1:27 to 3:31

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

How to prevent WhatsApp from using up your mobile data

It really hurts when you have a low budget data for your mobile and you wake up in the morning and see all or most of your data has been used up and you don't really know how.

Well, you don't need to worry about it from now on, because I think we have found the loop hole here. If you have whatsApp installed on your phone and someone sends pictures, videos, audios or any other heavey load documents then the WhatsApps downloads it automatically and that's how you loose your data unless you stop it from downloading it automacally.

Below is a step by step guied to how you can stopp it from downloading it automatically and it will only download when you want to.

Click on the menue (3 dots top right hand corner).
Click on the "Settings".
Click on "Data usage".
Now you will see few options here, for example. "When using mobile data", When connected to Wi-Fi" and "When roaming". Click on "When using mobile data".
Finally just uncheck the boxes and click "OK", that's it you are done. Now WhatsApp will not download a single image, audio, video, or document until you click on it to download.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Download youtube mp3 easy and fast

I've seen many people who want to download video or audio from Youtube but don't know how to do it. So I thought it'll be good idea if I make step by step guide. Here I've found the easiest way to do that.

Go to any video that you would like to download and then in the addressbar at the top type magic betwen you  tube and the click on the arrow or hit the enter key.
In this step you will see a download link next to the video thumbnail picture.
This is the final step where you will see all the options of the video formats and audio, the MP3 is the audio version of the video. You can just click on it download and listen on your mobile or laptop.