The easiest mousetrap I've ever seen!


This so simple mouse trap that anyone can make it so easily.  Don't worry about how he explains (measurements and stuff) just watch the full video and then you will get the idea how easy it is.

I wanted to make this at my home to try but because I don't have any mouse in my house so I couldn't be bothered. Anyway, good luck to you. I hope this video helps you to get rid off mouse if you've got any.

Some comments:

*I made this trap and she was equal to the video, and it worked perfectly. The only difference is that I will kill the mouse, I liked this idea. 

* That is hilarious! If I wouldn´t be that lazy, I would post your trap with a hamster wheel, for making mouse feel more comfortable.

* LOL Take him outside so he can come back in again. It is a mouse! A dirty pest! Do you do the same for mosquitoes?
WTH! What's wrong whith this guy? Can anyone catch mosquitoes? Mouse is thausand time bigger than a mosquito. Should have used his brain properly. lol

* He'll never get out unless he learns how to fly or hover. You could even set up an arduino and find out how many times he went to both sides.

If you want to kill the mouse then there is another easy way to make one like the video below.


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