A kid honking at ship gone viral after 4 years


This video was published on 24th of July 2012 where a cute little girl was honking at the ship but when the ship suddenly started honking she got scared and run away. The reaction maybe wasn't funny enough in 2012 but it became alive in 2016.

Well, let's see what other people are on about:
*4 year old video trending because YouTube doesn't want you to see the Hillary Clinton expose video. Watch now!*
*That girl will be on Ellen and she'll get a lifetime supply of cargo ship trips.*

*I waited and waited for that horn and laughed my ass off at the end. None of that typical internet pushing air slightly faster through my nostrils crap.*

*Typical Woman... Gets what she wants and still not happy! Smh 😜 lol*
(Maybe this guy was trying to say that she was wating for the horn and when she heared it run away.)

 *Just dropped off another 200k refugees toot toot.* (This guy maybe meant the ship)

 Obviously you won't find everyone is happy about this video and many are saying why this video even gone viral?

Someone said why such an old video has gone viral and I saw she's got 1millon+ subscribers. That shows how hypocrite people are nowadays. I'm sure if this was her video she would've gone over the moon and love every single views of it and she already gets millions of views every day then why would this small amount of views bother her. I don't really get it.

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