Why powering your entire home with wireless electricity is not a good idea!

Well, after watching the video above you will be very excited to have wireless electricity at your home so that you will not run out of sockets to plug in your devices. Although Dnews didn't point out the heath risks of the wireless electricity because they probably don't care about people's health. They know that the video will make people exited and they (viewers) will like and share and Dnews will get more views and therefore more money.

In the video above he says "Magnetic field have to be relatively close by to pick up other magnetic fields" and that's 100% correct as you can see in the video below.


As you have seen in the second video that when he puts the receiver coil close to the transmitter coil it gets more energy and that's why the led brights up more. So think about the power you need to run a washing machine from two meters away and I'm sure that electromagnetic radiation won't be good for you at all.

Anyway, let's see some other reasons why this might not happen by going through some comments.

* Yeah no thanks. It's never going to be as efficient as power cables. Power cost's enough as it is so I'm quite happy to cable power directly to a device Instead of paying extra pissing power away into thin air. *

* I'm a EE major the fact that inductance and wireless energy is far closer then you can believe. I've personally worked on one to power nanites wirelessly... but it's not just big oil, it's the whole utility Commerce... afterall how can they charge you money if everything is wireless... that's why this will never be bigger then just a house hold thing. *

Well, he is right. People can steal the electricity very easily because that wireless electricity won't have passwords like Wi-Fi as you can see in second video.

* I wonder how strong that electromagnetic field has to be to actualy permeate an entire house strong enough to induce enough electricty into a device to power it. And also, it would induce electricity into everything that contains something resembling a coil. That might include stuff you don´t want any electricity in. And i think i don´t need to mention stuff like cardiac pacemakers. And maybe i´m a little paranoid here, but our nerval system works with electric signals too. A strong enough electromagnetic field theoreticaly can mess with the signal transmission in our nerves. And that can range from beeing a nuisance to killing you within a minute. All in all, i like my electrity to be contained within cables or accus. And just to preempt any know-it-alls, i know that those have a surrounding electromagnetic field too, but those are way weaker and only spread for something like a couple of centimeters to a meter. *

Personally I think small wireless power transmitter is ok but the big one will definitely cause problems.

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