The gesture from a raccoon will make you feel happy


That was an amazing scenario where three raccoons were stuck in a skip and some one tried to rescue them by giving them a stick (plank of wood) so that they can climb on it and get out of the skip. It makes me watch again and again the moment when the first raccoon comes out and gives a nice little nod before it goes into the jungle.

Let's enjoy some comments:
 * Raccoons are way stronger than people think. They're smart, dirty, and can be really mean. But they understood that you were helping them. The first one gave a little nod as if to say Thanks Man!*

 * Something tells me if he gets in trouble in the woods they'll help him out. Favor for favor. Just like the movies.*

 * I've done this a few times, they give you the saddest look while they are in there and literally have such a happy face after you let them out.*

* I did that at my street sewer. Took the grate off and put a plank in. After they they figured it out without my help. They came up to my back sliding door to thank me. Too cute*

Well, yes if we show good characters to nature then of course they will show nice characters to us.

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