Apple launched a book costs $300

Well, I thought it was a joke but Apple really launched a book with just the photos of their products costs about $300.00 and people are getting crazy about the price. Read the comments and I hope you will like it.

*I think the Apple employees have a challenge amongst themselves as to who can sell the most useless shit for the highest price. And we might just have a winner here.

*Apple can sell horse shit wrapped in white paper and these idiots would pay $300 for it. this is more than ridiculous.

*iKids will still support this product and say things like "This is the most innovative product the world has ever seen" *claps*

*Bad news for book publishers. Apple will probably patend the rectangular shape and the concept of stacking sheets of paper into a device that will unfold from one side and will have pictures and/or text printed on them.

*Apple can even sell a pen-pineapple-apple-pen for $500.

*And girls will be Like- Aww I need this in my college course.

 *Now the people who get this book will have to buy description pages again.

Well, it seems like someone even came to justify.
*Stupid people that doesn't t realise what is for. Have you ever step into a library? I see nobody complaining about B&O doing the same thing years ago.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed it and if you are an iPhone user then please don't get angry because the comments I've collected are just for fun.

Did you know that you can find all the pictures on the internet and you don't even need to spend $1?

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