Why should you see criticism positively

I know it is hard to take criticism positively but in this post I will share a story with you which might change your mind about that.

This is a story about a well known celebrity in Bangladesh, his name is Hero Alom (real name Ashraful Hossen Alom). He came from a poor family and because of his financial problem he couldn't study much and started working. And after some time he started selling and renting song and movie CDs/DVDs. But that didn't go for long and the DVD business started going down so he started (small) satellite dish business.

The business was going quite well until a video song producer came to his village to shoot a video song. And Hero Alom got inspired by that and thought why not start making video songs. So he started making video songs on his own and started showing them to local people through his his dish channel.

He made more than 500 video songs here are few of them.

As you probably guessed it, most people didn't take him seriously because he didn't have much knowledge about acting and his looks and other stuff wasn't up to the standard as people think. So people (specially youngsters) started  dissing him and sharing his videos on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites and that's how he became popular in short period of time.

So once he became famous and popular people and even big big companies started coming to him to interview him and offering to work with them. Now he kind of super star in Bangladesh and a very busy actor.

Because people disliked him at the beginning and shared his videos as a joke and he got popularity by that, and once he became famous many people came to rescue and started liking him. And now he is one of the successful actor.  So work hard to reach your goal no matter what people say and the success will be yours at the end.

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