Most frequently asked questions about Adam Saleh

I've seen many people are interested in Adam Saleh and ask different questions about him in different places, sometime they get the answer they want and most of the time they go round and round and can't find the answer they were looking for. In this post I've tried to compile the answers from different places and the questions are taken from Google's search suggestions and as you probably know that Google doesn't suggest until people search about it too many times.

1. Who is adam saleh?
Adam Saleh is a USA born Youtuber who makes video and uploads on Youtube. He has got three youtube channels.
1. Channel is  Adam Saleh which was TrueStoryASA before as you can see at the end of the url. Joined Dec 31, 2011 and got 1,617,126+ subscribers.
2. Channel is  Adam Saleh Vlogs which was ASAvlogs before, joined Jul 28, 2012 and got 2,036,142+ subscribers.
3. Channel is  Adam Saleh Fashion joined Jun 20, 2016 and got 102,220+ subscribers.
Although he's got 3,755,488+ subscribers altogether but because many of his fans subscribed all of his channels so we can't count every single subscriber differently but still he probably has more than 3 million  subscribers.  

2. Is adam saleh yemen?
Well, Yemen is a country and I'm sure Adam is not a country but because his parents are from
Yemen that's why he calls himself Yemeni.

3. Who is adam salehs's crush?  
Yasmin that's what he said in one of his video.

4. Is adam saleh single?
Yes until now he is single.

5. Is adam saleh married?
No. In one of his videos he said that he will get married when he is around 25, 26 or 27 years old.

6. Is adam saleh engaged?
Not seems like it.

7. Who is adam saleh married to?
He is not married yet. Maybe he's got lost in choice from millions of his fan girls and can't decide which one to chose.

8. Does adam saleh have a child?
Not really, once he did a prank video claiming that Muhsin is his son but Muhsin is actually his brother's son not his.

9. Is adam saleh related to fouseytube?
No his not. He might be friend but not related to him.

10. What is adam saleh's number?
Come on, do you really think that he is going to give his numbers to millions of fans? Even if he gives, your turn might come after few million attempts.

11. What does adam saleh do?
He does many things but if you mean what he does as a career then it's obvious that his main business is to make videos and make money out of it. 

12. How old is adam sale?
He was born on 4 June 1993 so can count from 1993 till current year.

13. How tall is adam saleh?
Height in feet: 5 feet 7 inches. 
Height in cm: 169 cm 
Height in meter: 1.69 m

14. How many siblings does adam saleh have?
He's got 3 elder sisters 1 older brother and 1 younger brother he himself in the middle.

15. What is adam saleh musically?
He is into Pop and Hip hop according to wikipedia.

16. What is adam saleh snapchat?

17. What is adam saleh famous for?
Well, he used to make pranks videos when Sheikh Akbar was with him but since they got split up he (Adam) started making vlogs more than pranks, but I think pranks videos gave him boost and now he can easily carry on without even doing any prank videos.

18. Where is adam saleh now?
I'm shoked that people even want to know where is he all the time. Come on guys don't make him that important thing in your life.

19. How to get adam saleh hair?
Well, that shows that some people want to copy everything Adam does but remember he is just a normal guy got famous by making some videos with his friends and when he started getting quite lot of money he kicked his best friend (once used to be) out so that he can get all the money. It seems like he just used his friends to get popular and with popularity came money and everything else.

20. What school does adam saleh go to?
Well, he is not a school boy any more but when he was a kid he first attended Central Park East High School and then John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

21. Is adam saleh rich?
Of course he is.

22. How much does adam saleh make?
Well, Adam has many way of making money now and it's hard to know how much he really earns unless he tells us but I don't think he will ever tell anyone. Anyway here are few ways he make money.
  • From Youtube videos via AdSense.
  • Someone might sponsor something in his video.
  • By selling his merchandise.
  • He sells tickets even for meet & greet and tickets are not even cheap. :(
  • He probably charges organisations for his performance. In December 2015, reported that the Scotland Yard spent £80,000 on Adam. They claimed that Adam was paid £26,00 by the Scotland Yard for performing in London and Manchester.
  • And maybe many other  ways.
23. How much is adam saleh worth?
According to his net worth is $800 thousand as of 2016.

24. Why doesn't Adam Saleh go to Yemen?
Well, to answer that let me start with a question. Have you ever seen him somewhere that doesn't generate money? He is a money worshiper, if he doesn't see any money he won't be there simple. He plays with people emotions specially the religious people. People think that he is doing something good for their religion but the proofs shows that he does all that to get more views and more views means more money.

Hopefully you got some of the answers that you wanted to know about him. I think it's probably better to stay away from this guy. But many people (fan girls) won't, because they might be brain washed by him and in love with him because of his looks and his money.

I don't really get it, How can someone like this liar piece of sh*t!
He cicked out his 'best friend' who was behind building up his channel (TrueStory ASA)  and no one gives a sh*t about him (Sheikh Akbar). Why? Is it because he is Bangali or because he doesn't look as good as this piece of sh*t? Remember looks and money is not everything and it won't stay for ever.

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