Adam Saleh got kicked out of Delta Flight

Adam Saleh a YouTube star prankster who recently got kicked out of a Delta flight because he spoke in Arabic on the phone with his mom and with his friend. He (Adam Saleh) said that when he spoke in Arabic people felt uncomfortable and that's why they removed him and his friend.

Well, if this incident would have happened with any other person I would have felt really bad for him, but for this (Adam Saleh) guy I don't feel anything. Because he is an attention seeker and loves to create scenes like this all the time, and his YouTube channel is full of pranks and lies. Let me show you some of his videos so that you understand that how long he might have been trying to create this scene for.

I think this Youtuber explains even better way. Watch the video below.

I don't really understand why people are getting mad on this issue. I don't think this would go that far if he was an unknown person. :(

Later Aljazeera reported [Delta Airlines said the man, Adam Saleh, and the other passenger were removed because they "sought to disrupt the cabin with provocative behaviour, including shouting".]

Well, I'm not shocked at all, and they probably right because this guy is obsessed with those kind of behaviour. You can watch his videos on YouTube if you don't believe.  Greedy piece of sh*t! Does all these for subscribers and views = $$$$

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