Never try to download CamStudio from

I'm writing this post specially for myself so that if I forget it and try to download this shitty virus software again then this post will remind me.

Let me tell you my experience with this software. I was looking for a screen recorder for my PC so that I can make tutorial video. First I search on eBay and found this software, I thought let me try to search on the web first so that I know how good it is. So I searched it and found the first link praising about this shitty software. I thought it must be true then and looked for the main website to download from. And found is the main website according to wikipedia's picture.

When I downloaded it and installed it, within few second my antivirus said a virus has been blocked. So immediately I uninstalled that shit without even looking right or left. I still found a software called "BingProvidedSearch" installed on my PC. I've tried to uninstall that but it was not going at all, so I refreshed my PC (by refresh I mean proper refresh).

It took me long long time to refresh it and had to reinstall many softwares again and in the process I lost my valuable bookmarks. So because of the pain I went through, I wouldn't even brother to visit the site forge about downloading that shjitty software again.

Why do they have to include virus?
If you want to make something free then make it fu***ng free. Why do you have to include virus? If Bing sponsored the "BingProvidedSearch" then I want to say that if you (Bing) want to compete with Google than do the fu***ng job as Google does. No one gives a shit if you don't do the job properly and try to promote your shitty search engine and try to shove it down people's throat even though they don't want it to use. I've seen so many of my post links on Google's first page but only few in Bing and I get more than 80% traffic from Google and maybe 0.00000001% from Bing. So go away, I never used and will never use your bullshit search engine.

What would you do?
If you still want to download and install this go ahead it's all up to you, but as far as my experience and many other people have said. There is definitely virus in it so enjoy the virus.


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