Why Google lying about AdSense's invalid clicks

Well, I think Google is taking the piss by saying invalid clicks. I thought that google is the legit company that's why I signed up with Google adsense to make some extra money and somehow trusted a lot and hoped and still hoping that one day I probably earn substantial amount of money so that I can relax after that. But after seeing the recent report for last 8 days I got shocked!!!!

I didn't quite understand how is this possible to get just 26p with 45 clicks, 2,959 impressions, and 3,387 page views? What's really going on?

I know Google counts some of the clicks as invalid and some of the clicks come from very low pay per click, but still 26p for all these (45 clicks, 2,959 impressions, and 3,387 page views)? I'm really fed-up with this shit.

What are invalid clicks?
As I heard that if someone clicks on the ad and don't stay on the destination page for long enough then that counts as an invalid click. Or they just allow one or two clicks from each ip address, that means more than one or clicks from same ip are counts as invalid clicks.

I'm really interested know that, does Google really pay back the money of the invalid clicks to the advertisers? If yes then that kind of OK because at least the advertisers got their money back but if not then this is totally fraud and stealing money from us publishers. It's not fare at all that publishers do the hard job and google just get almost 50% or maybe 95% by saying invalid clicks.

I really want know if advertisers get the money back or not. If you are one of the Google advertisers please let us know by commenting down below. Thanks

I found one publisher and advertiser who is really unhappy about Google's service.
*I have been through these forums and many others trying to fine one explanation on why my adsense account shows the same traffic as my statcounter, but statcounter registers click and google does not even if they were "invalid".  So far, no valid explanation other than pissed off publishers who have come to realize google adsense is not all it's cracked up to be.  Even advertising my site, MidnightCrowd, on google costed me $.60 on most keywords down to $0.15 on others, but when the same type sites are advertised on mine, I get maybe $0.01 per click.  What ratio is that?  99% google, 1% publisher?*

See how he says when he tries to advertise on google it cost him $0.60 - $0.15 and when people put their ad at that price (of course coming through google) on his site, he gets $0.01 so what does that show?

Let's take the lowest price people are paying $0.15 and publisher getting $0.01 so how much did google take? Google took $0.14. I'm out! :( Can't help it. Work hard and get sh*t, maybe that's how the world works nowadays. I might put a donation button on the side but then I think people won't be bothered donating anything.

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