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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Not every prank goes well

You think that he's probably faked it but you never know it can happen in real life. So better safe than sorry.

Best comments:
* One of my fathers driving lessons to me was that you never drive through a pile of leaves. There could be a rake that someone forgot and it will puncture your tire. But there can also be an animal or a child hiding. Never drive through the leaves like that.

* There was 2 kids that did this to surprise there father when He came home from work...he killed them. Whether its a true story or not....its never safe to do this...unless supervised as a child in the yard. But I will never do this and will teach kids I know not to do this either along with my own. Just the thought of that being true makes me ill.

*Even if it's fake, there's a reason you should always think before you act... Why put the pile of leaves in the driveway in the first place when you could have just as easily put it a few feet away?

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