Side effects of ranking your website on Google's first page

As you probably love to see your website on the first page of search engines. Especially the big ones like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

And who doesn't like to see his page being blown up by visitors?

Well, I think everyone likes it, but do you know what comes with that joy? Of course little bit of money and some hassles with it.

Some of the hassles are, people become your enemy. And then come the hackers and spammers, to hack your site and spam your site just to pull you down.

Trust me I'm literally sick and tired of these spammers, specially these Russian scumbags. Seems like they have nothing to do besides causing pain in the a*se of someone that did nothing harm to them.

There might be two things that causing this problems.

1. The spammers want to get popular as well in quick way. By the way I've said it many times and saying it again. If you are one of them then please try something else, most people are spam proof now. So spamming won't help you at all, specially if you ask me about that then I would say that I don't give a SH#T about spam sites and never ever visit them at all.

2. People might think that the website is making too much money that's why they try to spam or hack just to cause problem and make the website owner lose money.

Well, for this one I blame those bullsh#t fake useless evaluating websites. They will tell you something which is never accurate. Forget that, they are not even near to 20% accuracy. If they start giving the money they predict to the website owners, I'm 100000000% sure  they will delete there website the next day.

That's why I say to those people who owns these (evaluating) kind of websites to stop these nonsense. If you don't know about something then don't try to say you know it. You lot are causing more harm to the people than good. People don't need your bullsh#t predictions. Because there are many fools in this world that take your prediction as words of god (100% accurate). 


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