Some rich people really play with poor peoples feeling

The video can take some time to load.
I've seen many videos of gold diggers, some of them was fake and probably some of them were real. But I really felt bad when I saw this video where poor guy just went (maybe) thinking that the girl (maybe his girl friend) left him because he doesn't have Lamborghini.

But some people gave him some condolence:

* Don't worry bro we all been there , you will prove her wrong that she date the wrong guy.

* Stay strong dude, life's to short to waste time with people like that. Something very similar happened to me when I was younger, it took me years to overcome it. These days all the women want to be with me, and all the men want to be me.

* The future Billionaire in the eye.. U see that?
* My felling so sad for him...hopefully one day u buy #Lambo & Ride with cute girl better dn her who left u only for #Lambo riding 😑😑😑😑
So don't worry Bro it's gd lessons for u 😉😉

* He did the skateboard guy a favour.. He found out that she just is a gold digger and is addicted of Facebook👍 He should say thanks.

Those people who say money doesn't buy love should watch this.


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