10 Great Ways to HIDE MONEY when Traveling

1. Inside a dental floss container. From 0:38
2. Half used tube of toothpaste. From 1:08
3. Inside a diaper. From 1:38
4. Inside of a stack of cards. From 2:11
You might have trim few cards from the middle.
5. Inside a chewing gum wrapper.From 3:10
6. Inside a comb. From 3:48
7. Inside a pen around the ink cartridge. From 4:23
8. Inside a chap stick or lipstick. From 4:56
I think in this one it's better to use insulator to insulate the money.
9. Inside a bar of soap by drilling a hole in it. From 7:12
10. Inside a cap of a shower gel. From 8:39

I think he forgot to add one tip which he said at the beginning which was bottom of the shoes. I think you should always keep in mind that where ever you hide your money you always first think will it become dirty or smelly? So if you think it will get dirty or smelly you should insulate it fist with some kind insulator.


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