10 Crazy and Badass People

10. Leap of Faith. From 0:00
09. Risky Rides. From 0:12
08. Insane Swing. From 0:35
07. Playing Catch. From 1:03 [ WOW! this one seems awesome to me. Catching tennis ball while floating in the air, how awesome is that.]
06. Out of Control. From 1:29 [ Almost died]
05. Ski Training (Skiing with the help of a train). From 1:46
04. Edge Rider. From 2:21 [ Seems pretty scary though]
03. Epic Parasailing. From 2:42
02. Balance Act (on the crane)
01. Roof Jump. From 3:32

Best comments:
* [What we really need to know is how many of these people are still alive today.]
* [No brain No pain.] Or maybe I should add no pain no gain.
* [Yep, it's all fun until someone dies or ends up paralysed from the neck down] True I think the last guy broke his leg, I saw one of his last video on his channel.

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