Best way to take screenshots on windows

As you probably already know that when you want a screenshot you hit the "PrtSc" key to take a screenshot of your laptop or PC. But sometimes you just want to take a small portion of the screen, and what you probably do is take the full screenshot and then got to the paint and then crop it to that specific portion, right?

Well, is this post I want to share a secret tip which I found out recently that you can take all kind of screenshots with a windows built in software.

Where can you find it?
Go to the start menu and then search for Snipping Tool.


Although it's a very small software but it has few useful settings.
1.  Free-form Snip: This means you can take a snip of any shape how ever you like.
2.  Rectangular Snip: That means you can take a snip of rectangular or square shaped what ever small or big size you want.

3.  Windows Snip: In this setting it will only take a snip of one window. That means if you open a folder then hit "New" (while your setting is on Window Snip) and then hit any part of the folder, it will take the snip of that folder only. How cool is that!
4. Full-screen Snip: It's like taking the screenshot by hitting the "PrtSc" key.

There are few more things you can do which you can find out by playing around with a bit. I hope this helps you. :)
Note: I've tried this on window 7 and 8, and it worked fine and I think it will work in newer version too.


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