Is it worth it to open a YouTube channel for living?

You probably thinking that I'm discouraging you from opening a  YouTube account.
Well, no, not really. I just want to share my own experiences and experiences of similar channels owners like mine. There are few things you need to note here.

If you have opened your account  to earn a leaving from it and get less than 50,00 views (even that is not sufficient I think) per month, then you probably need to delete it. That's because the amount of money you will earn from these views won't generate enough to sustain you unless you leave in a poor country.

Yes there are too much competitions on YouTube. There are literally hundreds of thousands of channels in every category you can ever imagine. And there will be always some of them who are very popular and they get most of the views in that topic. So you might stay at the bottom for few years or might be stay there forever.

You can't satisfy everybody even though you upload the best of the best video in the world. There will be some people from the other side of the world who will dislike or might report it. And for the beginners dislikes are the most tough thing to deal with. It can effect your video and eventually will effect on your channel.

By quality I mean it can be content quality or video quality, both are very important. If they are not good enough people won't like it and most probably give dislikes and go away.

So after reading all these don't get fooled by the media when they show you few YouTubers making millions from YouTube, and make you think that you are next PewDiePie. Well, that's far away from the reality. YouTube don't pay sh#t to small account owners or might pay almost nothing. If you still want to try your luck then go ahead. I wish you the best of luck, but very few people succeeded. :(

Few days ago someone told me his account got suspended forever, and he had about 50k views but didn't get single penny to take away with him. Imagine this happens to 50k accounts, that's 2,500,000,000 free views for YouTube or at least 2 billion if you say they don't always show ads. So who is benefiting the most in this case?

One last thing I want to finish off with that, if you are popular in any social media sites then you can earn money with or without ads. But if you don't have large amount of followers then you won't be able to make any money.  Followers is the key here. Let us know about your story in the comment below. Thanks
Let me start with mine. I opened my channel in 2014 and till now I got about 80k views and 1,915 subscribers and 97% of them are inactive.

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