Flipbook of gangnam style is amazing

This flip-book is quite amazing, how can someone draw so many picture and when he/she started flipping it came almost exact same as the original video. This video was uploaded January 29th, 2013 and got 4,531,282+ views. I must say the guy who did this is very talented.

Best comments:
* [I can't imagine how long this took :0]
* [It must have taken hours to do that. I give credit and left a like.] Lol I think it too days not hours.
* [this guy deserves more than 1 million subs! The hard work ! I appreciate it really ! love it] So true but we can see people like MrGear get more attention than this guy.
* [I don't even have the patience to animate the first five seconds. This dude deserves more views.]

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