Dog's reaction when its owener suddenly collapses

Here is another #1 trending video of a less know person. According to the uploader the owner of the dog wanted to see the reaction of his dog, what does it do when he suddenly collapses on the ground? But unfortunately it seems like he didn't even realise that his owner collapsed and went way. This video was uploaded on Sep 24, 2015 and suddenly started trending on Mar 19, 2017

The comments are even funnier:
* [Some say he's still walking.]
* [Some say he reached the minecraft farlands lol]
* [Plot twist the dog didn't even know you existed in the first place.]
* [The dog did the right thing stay cool calm and collected and went off to look for help]
* [Not one single F was given. That dog is a savage!]
* [lmao he doesn't even care]
* [Some say he got to China]
* [The dogs like 'This is my getaway! I can finally get away from my owner!']
* [He's walking to the nearest hospital]
* [You can tell the dog was high in crack.]
* [When you're owner collapses but taking a shit is far more important]
* [He fooled the dog once before but didn't record it, tried it again and the dog was like wont get me twice idiot.]

Someone asked : Why is this trending? This video is years old?!?
And reply was: Because he's still walking as of today.


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